BAS receives good support from every sector of society and cooperates with partners to facilitate a daily operation to long term plans. The major financial support for BAS comes from private and business group donors. BAS greatly appreciates its donor partnerships, and it looks forward to long term relationships. BAS is highly grateful to its donors coming to BAS and supporting BAS so that it may be given the strength to be maintained, as well as the strength to grow.

 There also is a small organization in Sweden called BAS in Sweden, which supports BAS in Nepal on a regular basis. It was founded by its first volunteer, Maria Leiner, who came and lived in BAS for 6 months. She was very touched by the conditions of the poor patients and impressed by the work of BAS. Upon her return to Sweden she formed a small organization to support BAS financially. BAS in Sweden also makes it possible for other Swedish volunteers to join and work with BAS in Kathmandu.

How can you help?

Any kind of help and support for BAS is very much appreciated. Donations for the everyday work of BAS can be transferred to the account in

Nabil Bank: 0201017503787.
Please mark your specific aid.

  • Donating food directly to the shelter, such as rice, pulse, vegetables, milk etc.
  • Donating clothes, blankets, pillows, toys, books and other supplies.
  • Donating money for medicines to aid in the provision of treatment or medical materials such as diapers or oxygen etc.
  • Donating school supplies or funds to support the education of children, who have been forced to discontinue their studies during treatment.

We thank You gratefully for Your support!

If You have any questions about support for BAS, donations or any other type of aid, please contact BAS at e-mail:, or cell: 9841-439898.