About BAS

Health and education are the most important and basic needs for individuals, and all people throughout society. Due to a variety of factors, in Nepal, these needs are not evenly distributed throughout society. Unfortunately, there are many gaps in the system which people fail to acknowledge, and fail to care about. It is the goal of BAS to address these inequities and bring change to the lives of individuals and society.


Brahmasthani Awareness Society –

BAS was established in 2001 as an NGO which primaily focused its attention on the health sector. Whilst the government of Nepal provides health provisions for the poor and provides free treatment at times, they do not offer safe stay for patients for the duration of these treatments. As a result they are forced to stay out on the streets, or outside the hospital compound, with no food, shelter, or comfort.

In these circumstances, BAS, through 12 years of continuous efforts built a patient shelter -”Aarogya Patient Shelter”- in Kathmandu and initiated a system of accommodating patients at risk. BAS also stands as a caretaker for these needy patients so that they are able to receive much needed treatment.


BAS and health

BAS begun as a five bed shelter, then rented homes so that more patients could be served. Now, the organisation has grown to make a shelters of its own which can accommodate over 50 disadvantaged patients, on short or long term bases.

BAS and education

When children are forced to follow their parents in their treatment, their schooling gets discontinued. If treatment is to run for long term, provision for education is made for such children. And lately BAS started various efforts in the field of education to empower the individual  and the society. 

BAS was registered in the Kathmandu District Administration Office in 2001 and is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council.